Home Sweet House

So, I’m not trying to imply that this blog will be one of biblical proportions. But I do think that Genesis provides a fantastic title for the journey I am taking. So, here’s to beginnings.

My reasoning behind creating this blog is sort of like a scrapbook - I would love to be able to look back on just how much we’ve accomplished on our home some time down the road.

Justin and I met in October of 2011, and pretty much immediately, we knew that we’d found our matches. From the minute we met, both of us stopped looking. We knew that our story would span for quite some time.

I moved in shortly after Justin and I started dating. Some of it was based on convenience, but most of it was based on feeling. I tried to stay logical about the situation and wait for whatever unit of time society deems appropriate to pass before I would acquiesce and move in. This didn’t work, and almost immediately, I fell into a home.

One thing I love about Justin is the fact that he is so incredibly passionate. He plays more instruments than I can name, he spins records, he is amazing at sports, he can fix anything, and he is a man of incredible calibur. With all of these passions, our house can feel packed to the brim with DJ equipment, instruments, puppy supplies, this and that. My goal is (and has been) to nudge the bachelor pad to becoming our nest. That’s what this story is about.